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Some of the things I am good at are below. You can find out more by reaching out to me on LinkedIn, Twitter or by email – phconsulting01 at gmail dot com.

Google AdWords

As a Google AdWords Certified individual I have completed Google approved training resources and am capable of building, monitoring and optimizing AdWords accounts.

Within my time as an expert in this area I have utilized ongoing training and the certification as a foundation to develop company processes and procedures that identify problem areas and improve AdWords accounts from to performing in excess of industry standard benchmarks.

I am familiar with using Adwords MCC accounts and Acquiso platforms to manage multiple Adwords accounts and track important KPI’s such as Conversions and ROI.

I am active within the Google Partners community online and have hosted Google AdWords Partners events. Identifying and discussing common and uncommon challenges within Google AdWords.


In my 3 years working in SEO I have devised and executed SEO strategies to improve the search presence, traffic and sales for websites and businesses. I have worked with small local companies and national brands.

As a certified Analytics individual I have developed competence in deconstructing data and linking that data to business objectives and strategies.

I have devised and executed complete SEO strategies that have affected website traffic, sales and reach.

During my time as an SEO specialist I have twice developed a strategy to influence Search Engine Results Page’s for a task that within the SEO industry was thought to be impossible.

Both times I have succeeded in analyzing and understanding influencing factors and producing the desired result.