SEO Consultant For Global Brands

I’m an SEO consultant with 10 years in the game of digital marketing and search engine marketing specifically. In the last 10 years I’ve probably worked with a brand that you know and love as an employee at an agency or during my consulting career.

My work hasn’t yet been featured on all of those flashy channels that people pay to get featured on like news websites (yes that’s pay to play) but, my results speak for themselves (see: how I grew Reedsy by 100% in 10 months).

I consider myself your ace-in-the-hole; people don’t know I’m there but with me behind the scenes you’re on a winning hand.

I also dabble in podcasting on search engine optimization, Google updates and marketing in general as well as interviewing other business owners as you can see below.

While I try to give value and help as many as possible I do charge according to the value I can bring to the table. If you’re a growing start up, mid sized company or, a large company with dynamic atmosphere looking for a consultant then please get in touch.

My Podcast


Below you’ll find a fun interview series I did with friend and colleague Nick Kelly. We put this together interviewing local business owners about their expertise.

The concept is simple; What you don’t know can hurt you in business.

What you don’t know you don’t know is even worse. You have no awareness about that blind spots at all.

What we got was a light conversation about about different areas in business and some great nuggets of wisdom from local heroes doing battle in business for their clients.