About Me

On a site about me you’d expect this isn’t needed but here we are.

Let’s get the usual stats out the way;

I’ve Been Everywhere Man…

Ok not quite everywhere but many places especially in ouback Australia. I believe the places you live shape you and can also help you make a connection with others. So here are mine, in the hope that we may connect over a shared place lived, visited or not yet visited.

What I’m Working On

Below is a simple Google Data Studio report pulled from anonymised client data. I thought it might be fun to share a little bit of what I am working on and how it’s going. The report is completely Automated so it should always be up-to-date.

There are a mix of personal sites here and client sites that are mostly brand new clients. While this isn’t an exhaustive list I think its a good little cross-section to check out. Below I am pulling only Organic data that is influenced by SEO.


  • PB = Personal Blog Site or a personal website I am playing with. Not necessarily a blog.
  • Client = Active live client right now anonymised with a made-up name.