“We’ve got a job for you” my boss said, just 3 sips into a Monday morning coffee. I didn’t know it at the time. I was about to take on a project that would change my life.

The mission, should I choose to accept it, was to fix the tarnished reputation of a young wealthy entrepreneur. He’d gotten himself embroiled in an international scandal that had brought serious media attention his way.

It was good attention at first. But it quickly soured.

It was severely damaging his ability to do business. People recognised his name and Googled him and the results were not good.

He’d been to 3 other agencies already they couldn’t do it. It was our turn at bat and our rag-tag outfit of 4 people at IKEA desks were keen to make a name for ourselves.

Until then, I had only worked on small business marketing. But this was our chance.

So I sucked it up and went to work strategizing; How could I beat sites like News.com, ABC and other multi-million dollar companies?

It took 6 months, weekend phone calls to his assistant and many different strategies to do it. But, the day finally came. The front page of Google was clean and we owned positions 1-10.

I was ecstatic. I’d finally achieved it. My boss was happy but more importantly I’d done something people thought was almost impossible and I’d done it on a shoestring budget.

Those 6 months were tough but what I learnt was that anyone can be beaten. Even the big guys. News sites ae some of the most trusted sites on Google. But even they. Can be beaten.

Once I knew that, I knew that I could take on anything. Since then I’ve;

  • Scaled a blog from $0 to a tidy 4 figures true Tim Ferris style.
  • Made one company $1.5 million with just $500 in Facebook ads
  • Rescued $66,000 of revenue per month for a popular Brazilian retailer who Agency had dropped the ball and lots more.

If you’ve read this far. You probably are looking for some help with whatever it is that you do online.

It’s not impossible.
It can be done.

Your business/website/blog has something to share with the world.

Something to give, to sell, to teach.

I want to help you make that happen.